Common Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High

The shock of opening your mail to find a staggeringly high electricity bill can be devastating. Unfortunately, this is the reality that many people today go through. Luckily, there are a series of recommendable steps that you can implement in your home to keep your electricity bills within reasonable amounts. These steps start with understanding the following common reasons as to why your current heating bill is too high.

Outdated Equipment

The heating furnaces that you use to keep your house warm in winter may sometimes get outdated and old. When this happens, the furnace tends to consume more than the manufacturer’s power rating. The energy efficiency of the furnace, therefore, can no longer protect you from the unexpectedly high electrical bill.

Leaks Within the System

If your home heating system is not maintained as regularly as recommended, the chances are that the ductwork will undergo repetitive damage. The efficiency of the furnace in delivering the desired level of temperature within your house will drastically drop. You may resort to cranking up the heat only to consume more power than before.

Problems With the Thermostat

A thermostat internally regulates the amount of energy that your heating furnace consumes. When the thermostat fails to work as expected, it stops regulating the furnace, thereby leading to more energy consumption. The furnace may experience short and frequent cycles while also losing track of the actual temperature reading.

Improper Installation

One of the key energy-saving features of your heating system in your home is having insulated pipes. With time, however, the insulation in your ductwork may peel off or even lose its insulating capacity. When this happens, the pipes lose their ability to conserve energy by preventing the unnecessary loss of heat into the environment.

Depend on Pro Air for Maintenance

To keep your heating furnace in a fine-tuned condition, proper furnace maintenance is highly essential, and we do maintenance, repairs, and installation. In case you suspect that your heating bill is spiraling out of control, it is probably time to call in our experts from Pro Air to do a thorough maintenance checkup and tune-up your HVAC system. Contact us today!

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