Is it Possible to Combine Heating and Cooling Systems?

Traditional HVAC systems usually have a separate furnace and a separate air conditioning system that share a blower motor, air handler, and ductwork. But now, many homeowners can choose to replace their two separate systems with a single system that combines both heating and cooling. This single system is called a heat pump.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump works using the science of heat transfer, like how an air conditioner works using refrigerant within a loop of metal tubing. There are two types:

1. Split system: This is where the main unit of the pump is located outdoors and the air handler is indoors.

2. Packaged heat pump system: This is where both the heat pump and air handler are packaged in an outdoor cabinet.

When the heat pump is switched to its heat mode, heat energy is absorbed from the outside air and transported indoors where the air handler and blower distribute it throughout your ductwork. The process is reversed when the pump is switched to its cooling mode. The heat is absorbed from the indoor air and then transported to the outside unit where it is dispersed. Depending on the heat pump and your thermostat, you could set the desired temperature and the system could automatically switch between heating and cooling to maintain it.

Why Are Heat Pumps More Energy Efficient?

Instead of using AFUE to measure heating efficiency, a heat pump uses the Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) with the most efficient ratings being at least 13. Even though heat pumps use electricity to operate, they are more energy-efficient for heating your home because they do not generate heat as a furnace does. The electricity used by the heat pump is used to circulate its refrigerant. For cooling, heat pumps are rated by SEER, just like air conditioners. The most efficient heat pumps have ratings over 20 SEER.

Experienced Professionals

The NATE-certified experts at Pro Air can help you decide if a heat pump system is ideal for your home. Whether you have a traditional furnace and air conditioner or a heat pump system, we offer the maintenance, repairs, and installation services you need in San Mateo and the surrounding areas. Contact Pro Air today to find out how we can assist you with your HVAC needs.

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