How To Change a Furnace Filter

Replacing your furnace filter on a regular basis is one of the most basic and important home maintenance tasks you can do. Putting in a new filter ranks up there with replacing smoke detector batteries and cleaning out your dryer vent in terms of importance. If you don’t know how to do it, though, this basic procedure could end up being overlooked. To help you take the best care of your San Mateo home, here’s a basic description of how to replace your furnace filter.

Types of Furnace Filters

Before you replace your furnace filter, it’s important to understand the different types available. One major difference is the size of the filter. Filters can be as small as 12-by-12 inches and as large as 25-by-25 inches or more. The correct size is crucial to ensure a tight fit in the filter housing so that no dust makes its way into your furnace.

Another difference to be aware of is the MERV rating. This rating describes the efficiency of the filter to capture small particles of dust and debris. The highest MERV rating, 16, is rated to capture microscopic particles for those needing hospital-quality air. It’s important to know, however, that a higher MERV rating creates more resistance as air is pulled in, which means your HVAC system has to work harder.

Replacing Your Filter

Once you have the correct filter, it’s time to replace the old one. Start by locating the air return on your furnace. The filter is located between the return inlet and the furnace itself, as this is when the air has dust and debris in it. Many filters are housed in compartments that are secured by clips or knobs that you can turn to unlock the access door. Once the compartment is open, simply slide the old filter out and slide the new one in. Then, you can close and secure the compartment door, and you’re done.

Total Maintenance

Replacing your filters is just one part of maintenance procedures for your furnace. For complete heater maintenance, you can contact Pro Air to allow us to perform a complete inspection and servicing. We do everything from HVAC installation and repairs to maintenance in San Mateo, CA. To ensure your furnace doesn’t let you down, give us a call today.

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