Tips for Maintaining Your Winter Indoor Air Quality

November 18, 2019

There is more to home comfort than the right temperature. More and more, we at find our San Mateo customers are concerned with the indoor air quality in their homes. Unclean air can be a real problem during the heating season when many homeowners shut their homes tight to keep out the cold weather. Let the Fresh Air Flow Weatherproofing your home increases the efficiency of your heating system, but it will slow down the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. This can lead to a buildup of irritants in your air supply, including pet hair, dust, and dander. The volatile organic compounds that are byproducts of cleaning and beauty products will also float in your air supply. An environmental assessment from can help you understand the impurities you are dealing with at your home. In order to encourage the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, we suggest cracking open some windows on milder days. If you do this in rooms where the sun hits, you will minimize the extra work for your heating system. If you want a more professional solution, we can help you install a ventilator as part of your climate control system. Ventilation technology gives you...

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